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Exeplant is a Russian company specializing in the development of highly efficient production control systems. The company's business is aimed at improving production management processes using modern management concepts.

We implement the world best practices of production management, and adapt well-proven modern approaches to production management to the Russian market conditions.

By all means, effective production management requires highly efficient tools that will help you implement the concepts in practice. In our projects, we use only well-proven tools that have already been tested at a large number of plants and have already absorbed the accumulated knowledge and experience.

Our projects are always focused on solving business problems that our Customers face. We offer solutions that help our Customers improve production efficiency and reduce production expenses. Our specialists are well aware of the problems and specifics of various industries and will offer a solution optimal for your needs.

The main objectives of production management system optimization projects are the following:

  • Enhancement of production management mechanisms and tools;

  • Development of a highly effective production management system that enables you to easily adapt production to changing market conditions and respond flexibly to production alarms;

  • Increasing the level of customer service through the implementation of the ”production with the required quality in the required volume to the required date” principle;

  • Stabilization of the finished products quality through operational quality control at all production stages;

  • Reduction of spoilage, losses and other production expenses;

  • Increasing production performance by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in production;

  • Improving the equipment efficiency through on-line monitoring of its loading and use.


We help companies create perfect high-performance production management systems that give unique hard-to-copy competitive advantages.

We bring to the Russian market modern, proven management concepts and tools that enable you to get the maximum output by revealing the full potential of production.


The main Exeplant’s asset is a professional team of consultants in the field of production management who master all modern technologies and tools that enable users to create a flexible and reliable system capable of developing together with the growth of Customer's needs, as well as working 24/7/365 in industrial production conditions.

Exeplant’s specialists were trained at leading European corporations specializing in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art methods of production management.


We cooperate with leading consulting companies in the field of production management. One of our partners is Michael McClellan. Michael has 30 years of experience in building production systems, is the author of a number of publications and books on MES. In 1994, Michael was a member of the initiative group that developed the concept of MES and founded MESA International. Michael was the head of this organization for a long time

Our company specializes in consulting aimed at creating highly effective solutions for industrial companies. Our goal is to solve the problem of improving production, rather than to implement a certain software product — so our views are unbiased, and we do not promote software products, but look for the best solution for our customers

We do not implement a production management tool, we implement a production management methodology based on the best international practices. This is a new management philosophy that requires a new look at the production management process. And this is the first step towards continuous production improvement. Of course, we develop documents, software and technical solutions, but our understanding of “implementation of best practices” is not so much a developed document or a technical solution, but rather trained personnel whom we will be instructing and whose skills we will be improving on site for weeks and months

We create solutions that can grow and evolve together with the production development, not limiting but helping the growth of the enterprise

When creating a solution, we are guided by the principle of preserving previously made investments in production. This means that we do not reject everything that has been done before, but make efforts to make the most of the experience and solutions of the previous development steps.

We do not copy Western practices and techniques. We adapt them to Russian conditions.